Data science is a booming field. But with so many specializations, in so many industries, it can be a challenge to find the right opportunities for your skills and experience.

Trust the knowledgeable recruiters at Imatrixsoft to provide personalized assistance with your data science job search. We provide a hiring experience unlike general-purpose employment agencies because we realize that talented candidates are our customers, too.

Our data science staffing and recruiting services have grown organically from our vast experience as consultants in analytics, business intelligence, and data management. When you need to hire data scientists, engineers, or analysts with a specific set of skills, industry experiences, or technical knowledge, our ability to locate top-notch candidates is unparalleled.

Roles we filled
  • Hadoop Developers
  • Amazon Redshift Developers
  • Tableau Developers
  • Oracle Big Data Analysts
  • SAP Big Data
  • Data Scientists
  • Predictive Modeling Analysts
  • Statistical Data Analysts
  • Big Data DBA’s
  • SAS Analysts
  • Quantitative Analysts